Top 5 pharmacy management software

In this article, the Accurate Reviews experts will list the best 5 pharmacy management software: choose the right one for you. 


If this is the question you’ve asked yourself several times and still haven’t answered, then you’re in the right place. Managing a pharmacy is not at all easy because it requires many activities going from preparing prescriptions, managing medications, organizing appointments, managing the customer database and more. All these processes, however, take a long time that sometimes we can not afford, so the solution is to automate them using a software. Which one to choose? Below you will find descriptions and tutorials of the best 5 pharmacy management software, selected by the experts of Accurate Reviews.


Winpharm is a pharmacy management software designed to help dispensaries, independent and long-term care (LTC) pharmacies, doctors and hospitals manage billing, sales, purchases, prescriptions, refills and more still. It allows users to create custom eCare plans, define goals, assess issues, and set up follow-up alerts for patients. It allows administrators to archive incoming prescription data in a centralized archive and to sort, filter, classify and prioritize information for data entry processing. It offers a host of features such as automatic refills, color coded statuses, compound and weight verification, DIR rate management, remote data backup, automatic reminders, insurance and coupon management, and more. Medical professionals can also design custom workflows to manage deliveries, prescription tracking, and patient grouping.


Here is a tutorial on this pharmacy management software:

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Liberty Software offers a pharmacy management solution that mainly comprises three integrated modules: pharmacy management, POS, and multi-store management module. It allows you to design your own workflow and configure rules for various prescription checks. Store managers can send alerts for reload reminders or delivery notifications to their customers. This solution offers an intuitive dashboard for pharmacists that shows their daily activities and upcoming requests that need immediate attention. The advanced container management feature helps keep track of the location of any medicine or drug within the pharmacy. The web-based multi-store management module allows the prescriptions transfer within the connected pharmacies and the prices management in multiple stores.


Here is a video illustrating the main functions of this pharmacy management software:

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Vip Pharmacy is a pharmacy management software that helps staff members manage medication reordering, customer accounting, data backup and more on a centralized platform. It comes with an integrated DEA and NPI national medical database, which streamlines the prescription verification process. The software allows employees to conduct Medicare eligibility checks and verify customer details. Pharmacies can receive electronic prescriptions and refill requests via IVR systems, mobile apps and websites. Barcode generation and scanning capabilities allow businesses to manage a perpetual inventory of all medication stock. Provides automated controlled substance reports that allow employees to submit supervised substance sales reports to prescription drug monitoring programs. It also allows pharmacies to stay up-to-date on medication use policies by accessing clinical databases for medications, allergies and interactions.


The following video shows the main functions of this pharmacy management software:

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Ecp emar is an electronic medication record platform designed to help pharmacies, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers manage new orders, document follow-up, risk mitigation processes and more. The mobile app allows medical professionals to view patient information, add notes or observations and access medication information as needed. Medical professionals can receive notifications about expired medications and use automated safeguards for staff members to document patient vital signs and other required details. Ecp emarintegrates with pharmacy systems, allowing rehabilitation centers to update medical records in real time. Assisted living facilities can generate customizable reports and review medical record reviews.


A short demonstration of the pharmacy management solution in partnership with Well Pharmacy:

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ZibMEDS is a cloud-based software designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage customer orders and streamline administrative operations on a centralized platform. The platform allows pharmacists to receive prescriptions uploaded by consumers and add medications to their orders accordingly. Customers can use the consumer app to browse health articles, receive reminders about when to take pills and search for specific medications based on common health issues, such as fever, cold, cough and more. It allows pharmacists to generate business reports and facilitate communication with customers through chats. In addition, users can offer product-specific discount schemes and order items available in multiple catalogs.


Let’s see, for example, how to use the mobile application to browse articles on diseases and symptoms in this pharmacy management system:

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