Instagram adds the Archive feature: you can hide your posts

Instagram was testing a new feature for about a month but has become official over the last few hours. It is now possible to archive photos and videos posted on Instagram, making them invisible to our followers.

How to use the Archive feature on Instagram

Go to your profile, scroll through your posts until you find what you want to hide from your audience. Once you locate the video or photo you want to archive, open it and tap on the menu with the three dots. In addition to usual menu options (Turn off commenting, Edit, Share, Delete), you will also find the new Archive one.

Once this option is selected, the photo will be sent to your archive immediately. To take a look at your stored contents, go back to your profile and tap on the clock icon at the top right of the screen where your username appears. Do you want your picture to be visible again? Open it from the archive, select the three dots and the Show on profile option.

Simple, immediate.

What happens when you archive a post?

When you upload a photo or video in your Instagram archive, these will no longer be visible to followers but only to yourself. You can store content for as long as you want, even forever if you want.

There is no limit to the amount of content you can hide: if you are tired of your account, but you do not want to delete it so you can keep your memories safe, you can archive all your photos. Of course, it’s quite a tricky procedure.

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