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Orderbot is an integrated cloud-based order and inventory management solution that also administers the user purchase management. A wholesale B2B ecommerce platform with sales customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. The main feature is a centralized multi-channel platform that consolidates orders from multiple sales channels and markets. Within the solution, users can view a “Orders” dashboard that provides a view of incoming and outgoing orders that can be filtered, searched and color coded. The order guides show which products are currently available to customers, the websites and markets visibility, and the product current prices.


Let’s watch the video showing how to use this inventory control software:


  • Analytics Dashboard: view data and reports to quickly identify and act on information and trends
  • Merchandising Reports: leverage algorithmic recommendations for merchandising and promotions that move the product
  • Trending Products: identify and promote trending products
  • Sales reports: keep track of product, category and site-level sales directly from the workspace administrator
  • Customization: easily create unique shopping experiences for your customers
  • Work area showcases: choose from multiple digital showcase options or create tailor-made experiences on Workarea
  • Global Commerce: arming leading features for multi-local content, multilingual copying, multi-currency and cross-border use cases
  • Digital products: sell digital products natively on Workarea with support for digital fulfillment and downloads for file-based products
  • Smart merchandising: seamlessly execute merchandising strategies and projects from concept to completion
  • Discounts: create a simple or complex discount logic using an intuitive interface.


Orderbot is an inventory control software that offers billing functionality, allocation logistics and centralization of sales channels. It also provides mobile applications that allow remote use. It supports integration with various accounting, shipping and ecommerce platforms.

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