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Perenso is sales execution software designed to help wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers automate sales operations and analyze customer data. The application allows organizations to plan field visits, identify sales opportunities, provide discounts and offers to customers and define call objectives for employees. The software allows managers to monitor sales reps performance, configure workflows, generate custom reports and track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. It provides a variety of other features including content management, call monitoring, activity management, data import and export, analytics, and more. It allows sales teams to capture and store customer data in a centralized repository, set up representative call goals, and view customer order history.


Here’s how to install this inventory control software:


  • Bulk data export and import capabilities
  • Bulk content upload and auto-matching capabilities
  • Intuitive user interface for content search
  • Call management
  • Create multiple calls in diary at one time
  • Intuitive diary management interface
  • Repeat bulk scheduled calls
  • Define customer visit rules
  • Display planned, due or overdue accounts
  • In-app coverage reporting
  • Create regular multi-customer visits with trip zones
  • Plan geographically logical visits with trip zones
  • Identify priority customer visits with trip zones and coverage functions
  • Assign objectives to another person
  • Complete multiple in-store tasks in one screen
  • See things when you need to with the store check workflow
  • Submit suggested orders for core products
  • View customer’s order history
  • Ability to cross reference product information between distributor and customer records
  • Access product content from within an order
  • Escalate orders and/or offers to supervisor for approval
  • Take lead orders, and convert when required
  • Configurable order screen to suit business requirements
  • Flexible deal engine that enables multiple types of discount offers
  • Ability to negotiate outside default deals
  • Flag important deals to bring to the reps’ attention
  • Easy to use in-store negotiation system
  • Standardized data entry
  • 50 standard reports with custom filtered views
  • Control report visibility
  • Simple integration with third-party analytics applications
  • Import 3party data
  • Overall store distribution visualization
  • Core product distribution filters
  • Capture photos and notes, consolidate and aggregate reports on competitors
  • KPI
  • View target goals vs progress at any time in-application
  • Set targets for a wide range of items in-application
  • Export and import target values.


Perenso is an order entry solution that supports integration with various third-party analytics solutions and imports data from external applications. It also allows employees to identify priority customer visits, process orders, schedule calls and validate product information in reports.

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