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PerfectLO is a mortgage and loan solution for small to medium sized mortgage brokers and bankers designed to simplify and speed up the digital loan application process. The software offers an interactive questionnaire that systematically and intelligently asks borrowers the questions they need to complete their loan profile, including a detailed document checklist. The list may include a welcome paragraph, reminders, dos and don’ts and any other information relevant to the borrower. Users can also customize the header and footer of each page at the company level. Each contract comes with a unique link that allows you to attach an email signature, social media pages and more, and takes borrowers directly to the system portal. PerfectLO also provides organizations with a custom url to embed on their corporate website.


Let’s see how simple it is to fill out a contract with this loan origination software:



  • Interactive, easy-to-use software that allows borrowers to complete the in-depth loan questionnaire at their convenience on any mobile or desktop device
  • The Originator can also interview the Borrower “Live” while following the systematic, foolproof process
  • Loan Originators are able to fully understand a Borrower’s mortgage needs and risk, without triggering TRID
  • PerfectLO provides a summary of key information to Loan Originators and exports the results into their Loan Origination Software (LOS)
  • PerfectLO provides Borrowers with a checklist of documentation that is needed based on their answers
  • It removes the inefficient back-and-forth between the Loan Originator, the Processor, the Underwriter, and the Borrower
  • The software is designed to handle the most complicated Borrowers
  • Document Center for securely downloading and uploading documents between the Borrower and LO
  • White labeling allows the header and footer to be customized at the Company and Loan Originator level
  • ​A unique link is created for each Loan Originator to attach to their email signature, social media pages and much more
  • A custom URL is created for Companies to embed into their website where Borrowers have an option to choose the Loan Originator they want to work with
  • Email/Text notifications are sent to the Loan Originator when the Borrower starts their questionnaire and again when they submit it
  • Customize your borrowers document checklist with a welcome and/or closing paragraph, add reminders, any other pertinent information
  • Customize an email automatically sent from you to your borrowers when they complete a question and add the document checklist with a link to your Document Center, if you’d like
  • The Document Center lists all the documents needed from the borrowers answers and allows them to securely upload those documents
  • Borrowers can complete the questionnaire and receive the checklist in their preferred language set by their browser settings


PerfectLO is a loan origination software that allows borrowers to read and complete their questionnaires in their preferred language, as well as their document checklist. Loan senders can view the questionnaire, checklist and results in English.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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