New technologies in the dating industry for online privacy

Technology is evolving in all directions, so it’s not surprising that big industries like online dating find a way to use new technology. Since dating sites must ensure complete safety and privacy to their users if they want to have a healthy community, they need to keep up with new trends. This article will describe some new features the best dating sites use to ensure their users can be 100% relaxed while exchanging flirty photos.

Advanced technology that keeps online daters safe

There are different levels of dating sites. Some attract members because they’re safe and work. Others attract new users by being cheap but still don’t provide enough value for the money. We won’t talk about such sites because they don’t invest enough money to get new technologies. We’ll talk about features the best sites use because joining lesser sites is a waste of time.

Artificial Intelligence is very useful

One of the most important new technologies in the world of online dating is Artificial Intelligence. It does an enormous job in extremely short amounts of time, keeping dating sites safe from all threats. We won’t mention matchmaking features based on AI you can find on selected dating sites. We’ll focus on safety features instead.

Safety and privacy are the two biggest pain points new online dating members have. They’re worried someone will steal their data or intercept their kinky photos. Reasonable, but there is no need to worry. Good sites are 100% safe and private, thanks to AI. The popular local hookup site never had any issues because AI is always looking at the code, scanning it to find any possible errors. If it finds potential threats, it solves them immediately, even without any human guidance. Code changes may be a sign hackers are trying to plant malicious code segments that could destroy a site’s defense. We don’t have reports from the site, so we can’t determine how often AI finds those irregularities in the code. Still, it would be big news if a well-established local site for casual dating gets successfully attacked by hackers. We didn’t find such news about the site, or any other sites, anywhere, which means AI does its job perfectly.

Combination of new and old for extra safety

Good dating sites ask their new members to verify their profiles by clicking the link in the email or writing a code. That keeps bots away and reduces the number of fake profiles in the community. However, it doesn’t keep catfishers away.

Luckily, the combination of technology and regular IDs helps some sites to have 100% honest communities. That’s still not a standard, but we’re sure most sites will implement that technology in no time. Asking new users to send a photo with their ID and a code is a trick many platforms use to protect their members. But the dating industry went one step further. It uses facial recognition technology to remove any suspicion about the identity of new users. The program compares the face on the ID with the one on profile photos to determine if the profile photo is stolen. That means catfishers can’t pretend they’re someone else anymore. In the end, people open up to others on chat sooner because technology creates a 100% safe and private environment.

Tips for protecting privacy and staying safe online

Staying safe online today is what staying safe outside was in the past. We’re paying for everything online; we’re sharing secrets and ideas. Protecting those is crucial, at least to wise people. One of the best things to do is to backup important files to ensure you’ll always have them. Here are some more tips for protecting privacy online:

  • Don’t share any passwords with anyone
  • Don’t share personal info such as ID number
  • Don’t share your address
  • Have a good antivirus program
  • Change all the passwords regularly
  • Don’t send flirty photos that include your face
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