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Mikogo is a web conferencing solution that allows users to join meetings from their web browser (including browsers on mobile devices) without downloading plug-ins or using Flash. Key features include the ability to give attendees presenter desktop sharing privileges, remote control on attendees’ computers, a multi-user whiteboard for annotations and drawings, and selective sharing of applications / windows. Mikogo offers personal and corporate accounts. Personal accounts are free, although they are limited to three participants per room and do not include web conferencing features such as whiteboards. Support in 35 languages ​​and highly customizable.


Tutorial on how to use and create an account with this program:


  • Desktop sharing: provides high quality desktop sharing so that you can share your computer screen in real time via the internet
  • Meeting with several participants: up to 25 participants can join your session and see your screen in real time
  • Change presenter: send an invitation as a presenter to one of the participants during the session
  • Remote Keyboard and Mouse Control: While sharing your screen, assign remote control to a session participant. This option stimulates participants to actively contribute to the web conference and enriches the online debate, also providing an ideal solution for remote support
  • HTML Viewer: The award-winning HTML Viewer provides participants with a new way to participate in sessions, which does not involve downloading any software. Users can simply participate through a web browser and view the presenter’s screen in real time directly from their browser
  • Meeting planning: plan your multiple sessions ahead of time, and keep track of them in the planner. Each session receives a unique ID and can be repeatedly used for future occasions
  • Meeting recording and playback: both the presenter and participants can record the session to be kept for future playback. The session player can be downloaded for free
  • Whiteboard: Allow the whiteboard toolbar to illustrate and highlight areas on your screen
  • Chat: send messages to all participants or to the selected one. The names of the participants appear in the assigned color to make identification easier. It is also possible for the organizer to disable group chat, in this way the participants cannot chat with each other, but only with the organizer.
  • Profile Management: this function allows you to set up a variety of different profiles with different rights and features tailored to different types of use.
  • Monitor Control: This small box allows you to view exactly what your users can see on your monitor during a desktop sharing session.
  • Multi-Monitor Support: if you have 2 or more monitors connected to your computer, selecting Mikogo applications allows you to select the monitor you want to view, or if you want to view all of them.


Mikogo is a free screen sharing solution designed to simplify web conferences and online meetings. The software allows up to 25 people to share screen content simultaneously and offers a range of interactive tools and unique features.
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Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 7 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 9.5 /10

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  1. I find this software’s functionality medium. About half of our customers had trouble performing the connection.
    The worst part in dealing with this company is their customer service. Take a screenshot when you cancel the service. They may try to bill you for another year. They did this to me and their customer service is really bad. They refuse to let you speak to a manager


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