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PlanStreet is a cloud-based project portfolio management and case management (PPM) tool that allows companies to manage all their projects and cases with ease and efficiency. The program helps with team workload, schedules employee schedules, tracks time, allocates resources between projects, monitors task status in a centralized location, and project management. PlanStreet‘s Gantt chart software plans and distributes multiple projects simultaneously. Resource Monitoring proactively manages team workload and resource demand management. Companies can prioritize workflows, create secondary activities within the activities, calculate underlying costs and plan budgets. Financial data allows you to create project budget, projected costs and track actual revenue.


Let’s look at how simple it is to create a project and complete it using this social services management software:


  • Organization: an enormous amount of data is accumulated in the field of social services. The solution provides intuitive data input for medical records, case notes, demographic information, shared data, youth monitoring and child welfare records
  • Compliance: data security and privacy are paramount in the social services industry. A large set of confidential data is generated and intentionally delivered to case managers as they serve the client
  • Increased productivity: the automation and rationalization of processes frees up administrative time to be used for time in the field with customers and their families. An efficient social services organization will be able to work with more clients at a higher level of service
  • Virtual centralization: being able to upload data and access it from anywhere is the new standard in case management. It provides a single, easily accessible place for everything case workers need to access from the office, home or in the field
  • Adaptability: to changing processes, trends and individual needs. This flexibility keeps childcare and family service organizations ready to address their specific situations
  • Promote results-oriented process: easily access files and projects from previous cases helps organizations choose what works and what doesn’t
  • Reports to maximize effectiveness: the program provides a suite of intuitive reports that help child and family service organizations see success stories, room for improvement and any compliance issues
  • Security: offers HIPAA compliance including regular data backup through an automated process, case workers can be confident that client and family information is safe.


PlanStreet is a social services management solution for companies that uses the Kanban method and allows you to plan easily using Backlog and Sprint Board. Test it and write a review too.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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