The 5 best-rated email signature software

Which are the best software for creating email signatures? The Accurate Reviews experts have verified, tested and reviewed the programs with the best features for this category.


Email signature software allows you to centrally manage all employee email signature updates. They can be customized for different roles and departments, providing signatures with consistent formats on every device used by the company. Important industry-specific and standards-driven disclaimers can be uploaded to meet compliance requirements. These solutions help companies optimize aspects of their email accounts such as cybersecurity, email monitoring and email marketing campaigns. Most email signature software options will have some built-in security features such as two-factor authentication. Let’s look at which are the top 5 programs:


Opensense is a cloud-based email marketing solution for managing marketing campaigns using digital signatures and custom banners. The signature management feature allows users to manage multiple brands through sender segmentation, formatting, A/B testing, automatic version updates and more. The software includes an account-based marketing (ABM) tool that allows experts to create customized ABM campaigns and classify recipients based on geography, languages, roles, actions and preferences. Features include performance monitoring, role-based access, video/attachment link tracking, real-time updates, and more. Users can track views for video links posted on YouTube/Vimeo video platform links and get page-by-page analysis of viewer engagement. The platform integrates with various third-party applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, G-Suite, HubSpot, and Marketo.


This video explains the main functions of this email signature software:

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Signitic allows you to centrally manage your company’s email signatures. You can group people into departments and send a strategic email signature that obviously has all the custom contact information, but most importantly a link, banner or call to action to a campaign or promotion you want users to know about. Manage the email signatures of all your employees from a single interface. Design a new template using a powerful and intuitive tool. You can also create entities, groups and users and spread your marketing campaigns to strengthen your corporate image. It can be used on Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outlook and Gmail.


Here is an overview of this email signature creation software:

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Letsignit is an email signature software designed to help companies create, manage and assign signatures with targeted marketing banners to employees using various customizable templates in Office 365 and Google Workspace applications. Administrators can check or edit coordinates, preview signatures before sending and measure return on investment (ROI) by collecting clicks on a centralized platform. Organizations can upload corporate logos and allows the solution to automatically detect the dominant color of their brand and create custom templates using a drag-and-drop interface. Managers can add banners in email signatures, schedule durations, assign them to specific staff members, and use the analytics tool to track the performance of marketing campaigns. Administrators can also import user group data from the Office 365 directory, configure roles and manage multiple corporate branches by location or department.


Here is a tutorial showing how to best use this email signature program:

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Email Signatures for Office 365

With CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 you can centrally manage organization-wide email signatures, legal statements, automated responses and email marketing campaigns. It is a cloud service, which means all email apps and devices (including mobile and Mac) are supported. You can fully automate when signatures/disclaimers are triggered and, for example, add different signatures to internal/external messages based on message recipients, language, keywords in the email, and more. In addition to managing signatures and disclaimers, the software also allows you to centrally set up and manage fully customized automated responses and off-site messages. Additional features include built-in CSAT surveys, email marketing analytics and automation, signature management rights, integration with meeting scheduling services, and more.


Let’s see how to configure this email signature software:

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Sigilium is an email signature software designed to manage all of your company’s signatures very easily. Benefit from synchronizing email signatures across your messaging services (Gmail, Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird). Ensure graphic consistency across all email exchanges. From the dashboard, as an administrator, you can create and distribute communications. Sigilium‘s features include workflow management, analytics, collaboration, custom templates, GDPR compliance, data synchronization and more. The platform allows employees to automatically deploy banners, measure ROI and create communication strategies on a unified portal. Administrators can also use the application to manage communication for various brands across multiple locations, measure clicks and traffic generated via Google Analytics.


Here is a tutorial explaining the features of this email signature software:

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