Tips for how to improve your software quality


Major Industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing are moving towards automated practices. As a result, software and applications are now more significant than ever.

However, the software can have bugs, and it is essential to gauge its quality. Quality assurance will maximize the benefits of automation by preventing errors in automated results and also save you from making avoidable maintenance expenses.

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your software without spending too much, here are four ways to improve the quality of your software.

1. Implement quality control from the beginning

According to research, the cost to correct an error will increase roughly tenfold after each passing stage of software development. Quality assurance should be an ongoing process from the beginning, ensuring quality at every step to make a perfect software with minimum maintenance cost. Collaborative work and good relation among testers and developers where testers monitor quality control and developers ensure standards can build a great foundation for software development.

Software testers can help you ensure standards by monitoring the quality of the software from its initial stages of development. In addition, introducing systematic methodology in quality control systems can avoid coding errors, as the software development will follow a structured process.

2. Introduce a risk register

A risk register may be the management tool your business needs for its risk management. It is very similar to financial auditing and an essential element for software development. 

A risk register will provide a list of clearly identified and avoidable risks, which will mean a significant decrease in complaints from clients and high customer retention for your business.

3. Improve your team communication

Communication is the key to any successful business operation, for example, developing a new product. Software is a product of various different factors like browsers, operating systems and hardware. Hence, effective communication among the team is of extreme importance.

 You can enhance software quality by establishing effective and fluid communication channels between various stakeholders. That will improve the working environment, increase employee motivation and simultaneously increase the productivity of your overall business.

Simple practices such as having clear and consistent KPIs that portray how software quality is measured at every step of the development process can exponentially increase the quality. 

4. Automate your software testing

One of the most cost-effective and user-friendly ways to gauge your software quality is by automating the testing process in software development through automation testing tools

Automated testing tools provide clear insights at every stage of development, freeing you from the hassle of manual testing, helping you identify the weak areas, and suggesting potential solutions to mitigate the associated risks. It is advised to introduce automated testing early on  to your developers team, in order to increase testing coverage, accuracy and overall quality.


While improving your software quality may seem daunting at first, smart tools and technology can help you navigate this process.

The automation testing tools, collaborative teamwork, fluid communication channels combined with Total Quality Management (TQM) practices can structure your effective software development. The ideal combination of these techniques will prevent bugs, ensure low maintenance costs, increase customer satisfaction and productivity of your software.

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