The benefits of using spreadsheet templates for business


A spreadsheet software is versatile and flexible, making it a well-loved program by business owners to handle their data. Businesses use spreadsheets to store, manage, visualize, and analyze business data.

This popular go-to tool comes with a lot of benefits. The first of which is the capability to use templates. Using spreadsheet templates helps you save a lot of time because it is pre-built with the formulas you need. Not to mention, templates are visually appealing as well.

This article discusses the benefits of using spreadsheet templates for business that will encourage you to continue using Excel spreadsheets for everyday business needs.

Why use Microsoft Excel templates?

The best thing about using spreadsheet templates for Microsoft Office – Excel is the fact that it gives value to your time. You no longer have to go through the time-consuming process of creating the spreadsheet entirely from scratch.

Without pre-designed spreadsheet templates, you will find yourself spending hours and energy designing, encoding, formatting, and testing your spreadsheet; instead of focusing on more productive tasks.

Templates for spreadsheet programs help speed up any business process and maximize working performance. Templates are highly customizable and can be tailor-fitted to the business’ specific needs.

If you are looking for the best place to find user-friendly spreadsheet templates, visit Simple Sheets. Simple Sheets houses customizable templates that cater to your needs, from data analysis, to finance and accounting, project management, and more.

Benefits of using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

Below are some of the benefits of using spreadsheet templates for business:

     1. Free and accessible

Most businesses prefer free spreadsheet software, which they can regularly use to manage everyday business activities. An Excel template is an example of a free tool.

Aside from the fact that it is free, you can use spreadsheets with minimal training required. You don’t have to undergo intensive training to learn how to use important functions such as creating pivot tables, encoding complex formulas, and many more.

You don’t have to be an expert to use spreadsheets. But having advanced Excel skills is definitely a huge advantage.

Aside from being a free program, spreadsheets can be run on Google Sheets as long as you have an Internet connection.

    2. Manipulate and analyze data

Data is easily manipulated using spreadsheets. You can retrieve and remove data. You can also have the option to add, subtract, multiply, or divide data sets.

Data analysis is also possible with spreadsheets. You can create pivot tables for more straightforward data analysis and visualization.

    3. Data visualization

Spreadsheets have several data visualization elements that you can use. You can create charts and graphs to visualize data easily.

    4. Collaboration

Many business operations require tools with collaborative capabilities. Allowing multiple users access to your spreadsheet, especially those uploaded online, like Google Sheets, is possible. Each user can freely edit or manipulate spreadsheet data.

Spreadsheets are generally not password protected. Spreadsheets don’t impose any restrictions on their users.

However, the use of spreadsheets and sharing these with your team members can lead to creating multiple versions of the spreadsheet. Monitoring changes done by each member can be complicated.

     5. Access to templates

Another reason why many users like using spreadsheets is because of templates. The use of spreadsheet templates makes work easier and more productive.

There are many templates available for Excel and Google Sheets. You have several options and you can try these templates to find which one is best for your needs.

     6. Can be integrated to other software

Using spreadsheets allows you to automatically upload your file to other software programs such as CRM or project management software. This is perfect when you are planning to migrate your data from a spreadsheet to software.

     7. Financial documents tool

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used as a financial tool by most businesses. Spreadsheets are used to create financial documents like cash flow statements, balance sheets, bookkeeping, and budgets. Encoding data into the spreadsheet and creating reports is easy with spreadsheets.


The benefits of using spreadsheet templates for business are undeniable. It is a great tool for businesses to use for everyday operations. It is low cost, allows collaboration, can be integrated with software, and allows data analysis and visualization.

You can expect enhanced productivity in the workplace by using spreadsheet templates. Using templates can save your business a lot of time and can focus on more important and meaningful work.

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