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Posting video content on Instagram is important to grow your brand or business. Getting many views on your video content helps you reach a wider audience, increases brand exposure, and assists in achieving your conversion goals. Learn expert strategies to grow your views quickly. 

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Optimize your profile

Use the right hashtags

Post regularly

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In the beginning, Instagram was a platform on which you could only post images. Then things changed with various features along the way allowing for video content to be shared on Instagram. The popularity of video content has since exploded!

Brands, businesses, and influencers are using video content more and more to market themselves on Instagram. Influencer videos amounted to 83% of video views on Instagram between January and July 2022. 

Users find video content more entertaining than still-image posts. However, simply posting and sharing random video content on your account doesn’t guarantee you’ll get many views. 

You need to use various strategies to get more views on your profile and content. In this article, we’ll look at a few expert strategies you can use to grow your views quickly. 

Why views are beneficial for your account

You can get views on your profile and on your content, including Carousel posts with videos, Live streams, long and short video posts, Reels, and Stories. Instagram considers a single view to be when an account has viewed your video content for over 3 seconds. 

Also, only 1 view is counted per account, irrespective of how many times an account has viewed a specific post.

The Instagram algorithm places a lot of value on “views” as an engagement metric. When you get a view, it means that a user has actually spent valuable time observing your content. Spending time viewing content as opposed to quickly liking content weighs more in terms of engagement. 

Having many views on your content helps to boost your posts to the top of your followers’ news feeds. Getting views is great for attracting other engagement interactions, such as comments and likes on your content. 

If viewers are enjoying your video content, they are more likely to engage further with your content. This can help drive up your engagement rate.

Instagram views can also help you gain new followers for your account. If you are regularly creating and posting high-quality and creative video content, more users will want to follow your account in anticipation of more great content to come.

Video content on Instagram can help to build your brand as potential customers get to see your products, services, or team in action. Brands and businesses should try to get more views on their content as it translates into new leads, conversions, customers, and profits.

There’s a lot of competition, with over 2 billion active accounts on Instagram. How can you get more eyes to view your profile and video content? 

Next up are some expert strategies you can use to get more Instagram views.

Optimize your profile

A key to getting more Instagram views is to optimize your profile. Did you know that Instagram provides you with 3 different profile types: Business, Creator, and Personal. 

The basic features are the same for all 3 profile types, but they do differ with certain additional features. You need to choose the right profile type for your goals. 

A Personal profile is for those who simply want to keep things simple and use their account mainly to connect with friends and family. 

If you’re a content creator, influencer, or public figure, then the Creator profile is for you. This profile helps you to create and manage branded content and partnerships, and provides creator-specific analytics and insights on your account and content performance. 

Creator profiles are optimal if you want to monetize your content, increase brand exposure, and grow your following. 

Business profiles are perhaps the most optimal profile type to use. This profile offers you all the best Instagram features, analytics, and insights on your account and content performance. 

Business profiles assist with brand management, brand promotion, conversions, and profits. You will be able to run sponsored ads through a Business profile, helping to reach a wider audience and get more views.

Other things to consider to optimize your profile include having a:

  • Public profile
  • Short identifiable username
  • Brief, complete, captivating, informative, and updated bio
  • High-quality and striking profile picture
  • Grid feed which is aesthetically pleasing
  • Smartlink on your profile (Consider Linktree)
  • Profile that accurately and consistently reflects your brand image
  • SEO strategy to use relevant keywords and trending hashtags in your bio 

You will get more views on your content if it’s set to the right profile type as your account will appear more legitimate. Users will want to engage more with your account.

Use the right hashtags

To get more views on your video content, include the right hashtags in your video content. This includes using relevant and trending hashtags in your video content captions or within your actual video content as a text overlay. 

Consider using hashtags in Live streams, Reels, Stories, and Video posts so that when users search relevant or trending hashtags, they may see your content and actually view it.

Using the right hashtags can:

  • help your video content rank in user searches under those hashtags
  • make your video content visible on the Explore page
  • help to have your video content promoted to users by the algorithm as “suggested content” they may be interested in. 

You can do hashtag research by using the Instagram search bar. 

As you start typing in a hashtag, autofill will provide you with suggestions of hashtags, which are the most used and trending hashtags. You can also use an online hashtag generator tool to find trending hashtags, such as 

Post Regularly

You should post content consistently and regularly on your account if you want to keep your followers engaged, grow your account, and get more views. First, figure out what are the best days and times to post content by determining when your specific audience is most active online. 

Experiment with posting at different times and use Instagram Insights to figure this out. Then create a content calendar to regularly post content and stick to it, or use an automated scheduling and publishing tool like Planoly to do this for you. 

If you do post regularly but still need an extra engagement boost on your video content, you can get Instagram views from a professional service provider. 

It might sound strange to buy views for Instagram, but you’ll be amazed at how this service can benefit you. It has also become more common for account holders to buy views on Instagram to instantly boost their engagement rates.

Don’t just buy views from any service provider. Research and only buy Instagram video views from a reputable and trusted service provider. We recommend that you buy cheap Instagram video views from Through Skweezer, you can buy real Instagram views which are delivered quickly and safely to you video content.

Instagram allows you to see which accounts have viewed your content. This enables you to gain insight into your most engaged followers. You can regularly engage with them to build their loyalty and engagement with your account. 

You can make contact with these users to find out what they are enjoying about your content and what they’d like to see more of. 

Acknowledge and respond promptly to comments and DM’s you receive on your content. This makes users feel valued and will encourage them to come back to your post and to view more of your other content. 

Engage with your audience in Live streams by acknowledging viewers and responding to their comments while streaming. If users get to know that you do this, you will soon see more users joining to view your Live streams. 

Ask your audience questions in your content and add polls to your Stories to create a sense of inclusiveness and community.

Collaborate with other accounts

Get more views on your video content by collaborating with other accounts. This could be in the form of sharing user-generated content and tagging the account of the content creator. 

Post a shared video post where another account shares the post with you to attract viewers from both accounts. You could host a giveaway in collaboration with another brand and post a giveaway video with the collaborating account tagged.  

A great way to build a community of dedicated Instagram viewers is to do a Live series. With Live stream, you can engage with viewers in real-time and can partner with other accounts by inviting them as a friend in your Live stream. 

Both account profiles will then appear alongside each other in the Live stream, attracting viewers from both accounts’ followers. 

Have a Live stream schedule for a regular and dedicated time you’ll go live each week. Your audience will look forward to your next stream. You will get more viewers as they’ll know when to expect your stream. You can collaborate with different accounts each week on different topics. 

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Wrapping up

Instagram views are an important engagement metric to pay attention to. Getting more views on your profile and video content will increase your account’s discoverability, reach, and visibility. 

If you do need a quick boost in views on your video content, buy instagram views cheap from a trusted service provider.

We’re confident that with a bit of effort, time, and implementation of the expert strategies we’ve provided, you’ll be able to grow your views on Instagram quickly.

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