The best-rated virtual reality creation software

Today the topic of virtual reality is discussed. How can we create interactive, 3D content to attract the attention of potential customers? The ranking will highlight which are the best virtual reality creation software.


Virtual reality (VR) software development has become a new way of creating media and entertainment. And it is being used for more than just the video game generation. Industries, such as automotive, virtual manufacturing and others, are applying VR technology to simulate environments to train people and test products in real time. Virtual reality is a technology that attempts to produce computer images and videos to produce real-life visual experiences that go beyond those obtained on the normal computer monitor and phone. VR systems do this by using computer vision and advanced graphics to generate 3D images and videos by adding depth and reconstructing the scale and distances between static 2D images.
Let’s look together at what are the best software in this area.


Sketchfab is a web-based visualization, creation and publishing tool for 3D models. With this solution, users can organize models using the tool’s collection, tag and category options. The 3D subjects created can be embedded and shared on websites, forums and social media pages. It offers a universal 3D/VR viewer that can be accessed on any browser or operating system without the need to install a plug-in. A mobile app is also available.
With Sketchfab‘s built-in 3D editor, users can edit model content, adjust lighting, choose camera parameters, add creative filters and more. In addition, a custom 3D configurator and download app can be created using the Download API extension.


Let’s look at how to place a product on an ecommerce with this virtual reality creation software:

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CenarioVR is a virtual reality software that helps organizations create and deploy virtual reality-based training and learning courses. The 3D object editing tool allows trainers to add, rotate, position and animate subjects in GLB file format. The program provides a built-in media library, which allows content creators to customize pre-designed icons, actions, shapes and objects. Content creators can use the conditional branching methodology to add timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes and hotspots, among other multimedia content. It also allows educators to provide end users with an immersive learning experience by placing and playing audio clips in specific locations, such as right, left, front or back. It also allows supervisors to generate analysis and evaluate quizzes, answers and feedback in real time.


This video walks you through the details of the dashboard of this virtual reality creation software:

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View it 3D

View it 3D is a cloud-based software that helps increase sales and reduce returns through 3D and augmented reality product visualization. View it 3D and AR visualizer enables customers to appreciate all the details of a product and its textures to make better purchase decisions, increase conversion rate and reduce returns. Additional features such as product dimensions, animations, hotspots with interactive content, product variants and more can be added. Viewit3D allows companies to manage, create, publish and customize everything. It also allows administrators to track all interactions, analyze customer behavior, and view product and campaign performance in real time.


Here is a tutorial showing products loaded with this virtual reality software:

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LiveTour software developed by iStaging is a virtual reality creator that allows professionals to create immersive virtual tours and capture any space in 360 VR. The program can be used to create tours and guided tours of homes, hotels and resorts, landmarks, retail stores, and 3D renderings that allow potential guests, buyers, customers, etc. to interact with places as if they were actually there.
With LiveTour, users do not need high-end devices or exhaustive technological know-how to create panoramic virtual tours. The app turns compatible smartphones into high-capacity VR cameras to enable users to capture visualizations with a wide scope. It also offers spherical footage with up to 8K resolution. This gives virtual tours more detail, making viewers feel as if they are inside a building and its rooms or in an outdoor setting.


Let’s see how to use this virtual reality creation software:

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Viar360 is a content creation and publishing platform designed to help companies create, conduct and manage virtual training and learning programs for a variety of industries such as manufacturing, automotive, education, aerospace and healthcare. Organizations can use interactive virtual sessions to integrate new hires, convey their mission and provide a realistic experience of work culture. The solution offers a content management system, which allows users to create, edit and format content using a storyboard or add interactive elements to individual scenes and media. It offers a range of features such as visual editor, offline playback, custom HTML5 coding, 360-degree view, decision-based training, analytics, and more.


Here is a tutorial on how to create a 360-degree interactive VR experience with this virtual reality software:

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