Top 6 recruiting marketing platforms

Do you need to hire valued staff? Do you want to find talents through social networks? The Accurate Reviews experts have selected for you the 6 best recruitment marketing software that can meet your needs.


Recruiting Marketing refers to the practice of using advertising strategies to promote the value of the job to an employer in order to attract, engage, recruit and hire the most talented candidates. But why do companies need to combine marketing with recruiting? Isn’t the role of human resources to attract candidates anyway? The main difference is that recruiting is focused on specific current or future hiring requirements while recruitment marketing is broader and aims to promote the company as an attractive employer to facilitate future hires. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness around the employer brand, communicate its values externally, and attract like-minded people. Let’s look at the best software in this area:


In-recruiting is a recruitment software in the European HR Tech market. It is a cloud-based candidate tracking system that helps recruiters manage the entire talent acquisition process. The program is the flagship product of Intervieweb, a Zucchetti Group company founded in Turin, Italy. The solution automates and simplifies the entire recruiting process to make the recruiter’s job efficient. It is scalable, multilingual, easy to integrate with third-party software and aimed at multinationals, SMEs, recruitment companies and employment agencies. With In-recruiting, teams can create a custom career page, post job ads using the multiposting feature, share them on social networks, customize application forms, collect CVs into a single database and search for candidates.


The following tutorial shows you how to analyze and search for staff with this recruiting software:

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Vivahr is an applicant tracking software (ATS) you can create brand awareness, engage possible candidates, convert and recruit successful candidates. By providing the tools needed to build a career website, generate a custom cultural profile page, connect with candidates, track candidates, and evaluate interviewees, the software aims to help companies with employee recruitment and hiring. Users can create their own cultural profile to attract potential talent. Companies can adapt the careers page to align with their unique brand and style by editing photographs, color schemes and fonts, including testimonials and company values. To aid decision-making and encourage collaboration, all hiring team members can add notes to user profiles and rate them using a 5-star system, making it easy to compare candidates.


Let’s look at the tutorial with Italian subtitles on this recruitment marketing software:

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TalentLyft is a comprehensive recruitment software that offers a range of features to help companies find, attract, engage and hire the best candidates. The solution’s sourcing technology helps companies find high-quality candidates using features such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, employee referrals, social media recruiting, and job board integration. The recruitment marketing platform allows companies to create an attractive career site in less than an hour with custom landing pages, event pages, and an online talent pipeline. It facilitates communication with candidates using tools such as email templates, automated campaigns, talent pool management and candidate pipeline. In order to streamline selection processes, the Applicant Tracking System automates workflows such as resume analysis and interview scheduling.


Here is a brief overview of this recruitment marketing software:

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Teamtailor helps organizations recruit top talent with a dedicated career site that converts visitors into candidates. It is easy to build, fully optimized, and no technical knowledge is required. The solution’s intuitive automation helps users manage candidates and the entire recruiting process, as well as schedule and track tasks, book interviews, and take notes on candidates. With the analytics dashboard, you’ll have all the tools you need to make data-driven decisions, helping you reach your end goals faster. Figure out where your candidates are coming from and identify bottlenecks in your recruiting processes. With this software you’ll be able to gain complete oversight of your recruiting and maintain control of each of your processes.


With modern features optimized for you, your team and your candidates, you’ll have everything you need to recruit successfully. Check out the tutorial:

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Firefish is a recruitment marketing platform designed to help hiring managers connect with and recruit candidates. The solution allows administrators to post job announcements on various social channels or websites and manage applications in a centralized dashboard. Managers can send automated job alerts and interact with potential candidates through personalized mass emails and two-way messaging. Firefish allows teams to protect candidate data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocols. In addition, practitioners can view task lists, key productivity indicators (KPIs), recruitment goals and campaign performance on a unified interface.


Let’s look at how easy it is to create resumes directly on this recruiting marketing platform:

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With the rise of smart-working, and consequently with the opening up of new horizons, recruiting marketing becomes really importance. As there are more job positions opened, there is also a lot of competition so we realized that it is essential to use recruiting marketing platforms. However, not everyone can afford to invest money in them, which is why the Accurate Reviews experts have also reviewed a totally free program that will allow you to get great results.


ZippyApp is a simple and intuitive recruiting marketing software, perfect for both employers and job seekers. It’s a platform that acts as a bridge allowing both sides to save time, dedicating it to activities that matter most. In fact, this mobile application aims to bring your hiring campaign directly to those workers who already know and appreciate your business.
ZippyApp has the great advantage of being accessible to anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection, ensuring that it can be used anywhere and anytime. In addition to this, it offers numerous features that you can customize according to your needs.


Here’s a short video that explains a bit more:

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