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Videos that store precious moments of our lives or created for any type of professional work are very crucial for every individual, and no one really wants to lose them. But, the scenario of your system corruption that also corrupts your video files is no less than a nightmare. In such cases, it is almost impossible to restore your video content as there is not a great manual method to rely on. Therefore, in order to restore video files, you need to take help from a video repair utility. Now, there are multiple utilities available to repair video files, here we will review Kernel Video Repair software that stands out from others in terms of video repairing capabilities.

Features of Kernel Video Repair

It is always recommended to understand the features of the software before buying it or using it. So, let’s see what Kernel Video Repair has to offer.

  • It is capable of repairing all types of corrupt, inaccessible, or broken video files
  • Comes with no file size limitations for repairing videos
  • Allow bulk repairing of video files – that’s a good one
  • Ideal for recovering all major video file formats
  • Offer a preview of repaired file before saving – that’s impressive
  • Capable of restoring all Windows media video file formats
  • Works with all Windows operating systems

Wow! These are some exclusive features that not every tool is capable of offering. But, are these features just for grabbing attention, or they are actually integrated with the software?

There is only one way to know, and that is installing and using the software.

Installing Kernel Video Repair

When it comes to installation, it’s pretty easy and simple to install the software. You don’t any guide to install it, just follow onscreen instructions:

  1. Download Kernel Video Repair to your system.
  2. Double-click the installation file, and when installation window appears click Next on it.
  3. Read the license agreement carefully and click I agree, and then click Next.
  4. Now, follow the instructions and specific options to install the software on the desired
  5. When the installation process is complete “Installation Complete” message will appear on the screen.
  6. Click the Finish button to launch the software.

Repairing Video with Kernel Video Repair

Repairing video files with this software is as easy as playing a media file with VLC Media Player. We know it’s not believable, but after using the software, you’ll get it. So, let’s perform the working process of the software.

  1. Launch the tool on your system with a double-click on the application.
  2. From the home screen, click the “+”icon to upload the corrupt video file.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, click the Repair button to start the repairing process.
  4. It will repair the file instantly, and once it is done, you’ll receive a notification on your screen, click OK.
  5. Now, select a location to save the repaired file. And if you want to preview the video file before saving, then click the Preview
  6. After the preview, click the Save button to save the file.
  7. A message will appear on the screen displaying “File Saved Successfully.” Click Ok to end the process.

See, told you! Repairing video files with Kernel Video Repair is quick and easy.


After reviewing the software, we come to the conclusion that Kernel Video Repair utility is highly effective in repairing video files of all formats. The user-interface, as well as the repairing process of the software, is very simple. So, we recommend using this utility for recovering your corrupt video files.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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One Comment

  1. The speed with which they process your purchase is very fast, but their support is really lacking. I purchased their application, and I received two emails about the purchase. But none of the emails contained the activation code for the application and the “free trial” is only good for less than 30 seconds of any video you are trying to repair. So, without the activation code you are out of luck. I contacted the “live assistant” and within ten minutes, was given an activation code……but it didn’t work. I was then transferred to the Queue with a hold time of 5 minutes, except I waited over 30 minutes before I gave up. I tried the Support phone number, but the mail box was full, so no way to leave a message. I was actually expecting to be able to talk to someone……… My next step was to contact Support by email and request a refund, except after reading their refund policy it appears to be a fat chance of getting one.

    Later, I decided to check my spam folder and sure enough, there was an email with the activation code. I never thought to look in my Spam Folder because I had received four previous emails from the company. Apparently the activation code given me by the “Live Attend” was inaccurate, because the one in the Spam Folder did work.

    As it turns out, the repair application cannot repair video files that have been deleted. I deleted a folder containing a large amount of Anime Series and it was to big for the Recycle Bin so the folder was deleted outright. I was able to recover most of the files, but many were corrupted so I was hoping this application would fix the corrupted video files, but it was unable to repair any of them….. I’m guessing when files are corrupted by the delete process it’s beyond the capability of this kind of software. So my rating is 0 in all areas….

    I had already decided to ask for a refund after experiencing such poor product support, even if it had worked. I don’t think companies realize the impact of poor product support…
    Also, this company is located in India, which also makes it hard from a support stand point.

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