The best loan origination software

In this article, Accurate Reviews experts have selected and analyzed the 5 best loan origination software. Choose the best one for you.


Banks, credit institutions and mortgage companies also need software that automates and simplifies all activities relating to the loan origination and management. This allows not only to save time, but also to offer and guarantee a better service to its customers.
Below are the best loan programs with a brief description and a video tutorial showing how they work.


LoanCirrus is a loan management platform that helps lenders manage their operations from anywhere, offering a wide range of scalable features for a variety of businesses. Tools include automatic SMS and email notifications, customizable workflows, risk assessment capabilities, automatic reminders, and more. The software provides organizations with intelligent communication capabilities that remind users when the due date of a document evaluation via email to the customer. The platform includes all the features needed to successfully serve borrowers, including full loan administration, multiple interest calculations, currencies, document management and more. The solution allows users to create custom workflows, as well as to configure and set up process controls for each role on the team.


Let’s take a look at the main tools of this loan management software:

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Abcoa Deal Pack is a business management solution that helps auto dealers and finance companies manage leads, financing, campaigns, workflows, payments, complaints and more on a centralized platform. The built-in accounting functionality allows staff members to manage balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, trial balances, and general ledger. The software allows team members to keep inventory records with details, such as repair history, model, color, brand, stock date, location, retail price and other relevant information. It allows employees to manage loan maintenance, repair invoices, insurance, payment receipts and collection assignments. In addition, the leasing module allows supervisors to monitor lease purchases, returns, depreciation of assets and the allocation of sales taxes.


Here is a tutorial introducing this loan loan management software:

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LoanAssistant is a loan management solution for QuickBooks that assists lending activities in various segments including residential mortgages, education loans and installment sales. It allows you to administer lines of credit and to track and monitor transactions in real time. The application allows financial teams to conduct audit records and calculate interest based on the Actual/365, Actual/360 and 30/365 methods. LoanAssistant features include accounting, automatic alerts, borrower management, collateral tracking, and more. In addition, it comes with a reporting module, which allows supervisors to generate reports on account statements, collection of commitments, portfolio summaries and payments due.


Let’s look at this short tutorial that shows you how to manage a customer with this loan management software:

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Plaid is a technology platform that enables the connection between applications and users’ bank accounts for account authentication, real-time balance checks, identity verification, income validation, asset verification and more yet. Plaid’s Auth solution can be used to authenticate bank accounts for ACH payments without requiring microdeposits, allowing instant authentication of transactions. Users are added with the credential-based flow and account holder information can be retrieved to authorize transactions at any time once a user has been added. The Transactions solution extracts transaction data from the past 24 months, including geolocation, category and merchant information. You can access both pending and completed transactions. Plaid’s Assets solution allows the verification of the borrower’s assets from bank records and generates reports in JSON and PDF formats.


Let’s look at how to install this loan origination software:

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The Loan Office is a cloud-based on-premise loan service solution for businesses of all sizes. It is suitable for loan companies, mortgages and financial services. Key features include loan management, accounting, automatic debit (ACH) / EFT, financial calculator, reports and forecasts. Other features include federal and local compliance, conversation logs, document management and payment processing. The loan department allows users to print, manage and archive their tax forms such as 1098s, 1099s and Canadian T5 from within the solution. It offers integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.


As your business and services grow, your loan origination software grows with it, making it an investment you will need for the life of your business. Here’s how it works:

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