Barcode Scanning: what are they for?

Today Accurate Reviews experts will advise you which control inventory software has an important function: the barcodes recognition and scanning. Let’s see what they are for.

What are barcodes?

A barcode is used to encode information into a specific machine-readable item. Barcodes are used for a variety of reasons, including tracking products, prices, and stock levels for centralized registration in a computer software system. They are found in all items to be purchased in a store, as well as in inventory waiting to be shipped to large distribution companies.
Below is a ranking of order entry software that have this function.

ZiiZii Order Entry

ZiiZii Order Entry is a cloud-based solution designed to help wholesale distribution companies of all sizes process customer orders and payments in real time. Key features include label printing, barcode scanning, item order list, media sharing, email notifications, history tracking, receipt management and offline access. The application allows employees to generate shelf labels for products containing information such as name, size and color. It allows users to access electronic catalogs, place inventory orders and print. In addition, the solution enables managers to improve sales productivity through product announcements, recall notices and distribution of sales flyers.


This short video will take you on a tour of the mobile app of this inventory control solutionand show you how to quickly place your first order.

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inSitu Sales

InSitu Sales is a cloud-based ecommerce field sales, distribution and management solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage and streamline processes fororder acquisition, billing and payments. With real-time data and GPS tracking capabilities, it allows companies to closely monitor operations and communicate with field representatives, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency. It allows sales teams to use native mobile applications or the e-commerce portal to create sales orders, estimates and field invoices based on the product information and pricing details provided by the companies. This platform is equipped with a communication module, which allows users to create questionnaires or forms and add custom fields for text, photos and signatures acquired within them. Companies can use the reporting functionality to generate surveys and reports after a complete analysis of the inventory, marketing, sales and delivery path data collected in the field activities.


Let’s take a quick look at the main features of this inventory control software:

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Handshake is an ecommerce and inventory management platform for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. The solution can help users search for new customers, explore new geographic areas for sales, track customer engagement, and manage resellers. Users can upload custom brands such as logos, slogans and images, create separate product catalogs and catalog pages. The software shows the stock inventory in real time and the availability of the goods is updated after each sale or return. A dedicated portal for resellers allows them to see their order history, place new orders, track shipments, make payments and more. Additionally, the solution allows businesses to create promotional and landing pages that can be shared with retailers via email to promote a specific product and sales campaigns.


Let’s look at how simple it is to place an order from your smartphone using this inventory control software:

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Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Inventory is an inventory management software designed for small and medium-sized companies that want to automate their work. This solution allows you to efficiently monitor your inventory, products, suppliers, purchases and sales by offering intuitive, easy-to-use and cutting-edge tools that will save you a lot of time.
Thanks to its features, this inventory control program will become your greatest ally as it will promote your growth with simple automated inventory operations.


Below is a video that shows us how Dynamic Inventory works:

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SalesPad is an all-in-one inventory control, sales and purchasing solution designed to meet the needs of growing wholesale distribution or retail companies. With purchasing, inventory management and a robust CRM system, the software provides complete visibility into all orders, customer interactions, multi-warehouse inventory and purchasing decisions using real-time dashboards and tools accurate reporting. Integrated credit processing and precise bar coding allow users to process and store customer credit cards in a safe and compliant place and to receive and transfer stock and fulfill orders from any iOS and Android device.


This tutorial explains in just 3 minutes how to take advantage of the functions of this inventory control software:

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