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ContentFlow is cloud-based live streaming software designed to help companies distribute content to improve audience engagement, media coverage and sales metrics through events and conferences. Workspaces and teams can set up live streaming to facilitate collaboration and use the player to embed video into corporate websites.
It allows managers to distribute video content to platforms including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and other destinations, which accept real-time messaging protocol (RTMP). Supervisors can automatically add subtitles and static graphic inserts or logos to live streams, post clips to social channels, and search for media files as needed. Companies can also obtain information on the number of views on live streams and monitor audience locations using geolocation heat maps.



  • Multistream: distribute your video to any destination, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or any other destination that accepts RTMP.
  • Stream Sources: receiving the image signal from any device with RTMP Ingest.
  • Subtitles: add automatic subtitles (in impressive quality) to your live stream on all channels.
  • Cloud Based Editing: cut and edit video files directly in the cloud – including rendering in record time.
  • Graphics: add static inserts (like a logo) to your live streams.
  • Live Clipping: cut first clips from the current stream, easily in the browser.
  • Scalable: scaling infrastructure for the best streaming experience anytime.
  • GDPR compliant: with Contentflow you stream safe and GDPR compliant.
  • Push to social: easily publish clips to your social media channels.
  • Analytics: see instantly how many users have viewed your streams at any time, or pull a geolocation heatmap for a visual illustration of where your viewers really are.
  • Interactions: enrich you stream by adding our text-chat-widget for (un)moderated discussions among your community.
  • Automatic backup: set up a backup stream source in each player. This will automatically take over if the main stream source stops.


Using ContentFlow‘s text chat widget, video editing solution, companies can facilitate discussions among community members during live streams. Other features include cloud-based editing, permission management, audience analysis, and media management.

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