Vs Which Paraphrasing Tool Works Best? and are two AI-powered paraphrasing tools that offer a slew of features to reshape the text.
Both tools have the same objective – to rewrite content efficiently without spending money, time, and brainpower.
In this article, we handpicked both tools and tested them for all of their features, paraphrasing modes, pricing, feedback accuracy, and reliability.
Both these paraphrasing tools possess their own strengths and weaknesses, however, stands out as the best online rephraser due to its comprehensive list of features that make your writing more powerful and more effective.
That said, might be the most reliable tool that works best when it comes to rephrasing content to suit your needs. vs Introduction vs which paraphrasing tool offers better results? Which tool has more features to offer and which one delivers the best human-readable outcomes?
To know all of this, this article would be a great read as we are reviewing both tools in detail.
Before we dive into the review, let’s have a look at this table to know the nitty-gritty of the tools for better understanding.
So, let’s do this!

Other products 
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker 
  • Summary generator 
  • Essay generator 
  • Translator 
Offers no other tools
Paraphrasing modes  8 paraphrasing modes  No paraphrasing mode
Synonym changer  Yes  No 
Character limit 
  • 1000 characters at once for free 
  • 10,000 characters with premium 
20,000 characters at once
Downloadable results  Yes  No 
Multilingual  Yes  Yes 
Pricing  Premium plan available  No premium plan yet

What is is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that helps you rephrase the content in different styles without changing the original context. It offers a few more writing tools that can be used to check plagiarism, and grammar mistakes, and generate summaries and essays without leaving the tool. The best thing about the tool is it offers most of its features and tools for free.
This tool is very helpful for students, bloggers, writers, or anyone who wants to write something professionally without mistakes.
Its paraphrasing tool is one of the best rephrasing services available in the market to rewrite articles, blogs, essays, research papers, and any other document. The tool maintains the original concept of the content and presents it in a more comprehensive, unique, and new way. It changes the original words with their unique synonyms and slightly changes the sentence structure without letting you rewrite yourself, thus saving you time and effort.
If you are a writer, student, or researcher and want to adapt different writing styles according to the subject matter or other requirements, you cannot afford to ignore a tool like offers different paraphrasing modes that you can use to transform your writing style to get the desired outcomes. 

What is is a free paraphrasing software powered by artificial intelligence that rephrases sentences and paragraphs into a new version. Unlike, this tool offers solely a paraphrasing tool for rewriting content. is known to be the simplest yet most efficient paraphrase tool available for free. User Interface

The clean and intuitive user interface is the beauty of this tool which makes offers users a hassle-free paraphrasing experience.
The tool is designed with two text areas, one is for input text and the other for the output text. Above the input and output boxes, you will see the different paraphrasing modes that the tool offers.


Also, you can select the language in which you want to rephrase. Both the input and output fields are arranged side by side which makes it easier for users to compare the results without a single mouse click.
You will copy and paste the text into its input box, click on the “Paraphrase” button and the rewritten text will be displayed on the other side in no time. Once you get the spun text, the tool allows you to change the words with the synonyms by its top-drawer synonym changing feature which allows you to set the words as per the text fluency and readability. You will also get the accurate title for the paraphrased text which you can use as headings or subheadings – giving you a whole new level of paraphrasing.

That’s how easy and powerful its interface is! User Interface also has a sleek and clear interface that makes it more user-friendly and easy to use. is only offering a paraphrasing tool and you can use it for rephrasing the content only. ( Not offering other writing or editing tools like 

It also comes with two text boxes/fields, the same as Copy and paste the text into its input field and click on paraphrase. The rephrased will be shown in the output field.
Unlike, it does not offer AI modes or other advanced features such as the title generator and synonym-changing capabilities.

User Interface Winner: Both

Since both tools have a similar interface, it’s a no-brainer that both tools win this category. Vs Quality of Rewrites

Well, checking the quality of rewrites is the most important factor, without which we cannot declare which is the best. There is no point that a paraphrasing tool boasts all the top-notch features and still fails to provide high-quality and readable outcomes according to the user’s expectations. So, we decided to use and compare both rephrasing tools for their results.
When it comes to choosing one paraphrasing tool for the quality of output, takes the crown away from is a powerful paraphraser that understands the context, then paraphrases the input in a way you want – thanks to its different paraphrasing modes.
This approach reflects that you will get the results according to the mode that you have selected., on the flip side, does not offer paraphrasing modes for rewriting the text. It only consumes the input text, comprehends it and its AI algorithm rewrites it into something new. It simply replaces the words with their synonyms without making any changes to the sentence structure. 

The following are some of the mind-blowing feats can perform on your content.

  • restructures the content beautifully: As mentioned earlier, this tool works on AI technology which does two things to the input. First, it changes the words with the most appropriate synonyms. Second, it restructures the sentences in a way that does not change the meaning of the content. 
  • enhances the text quality: Not just paraphrasing, this tool is a great bet to set the quality of your boring and uninteresting writing style. Particularly its text improver mode is designed for this sole purpose – to improve the text quality, fluency, and tone. 
  • helps you avoid grammar mistakes: It not only produces high-quality readable content but also ensures that is free from all kinds of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 
  • helps you avoid plagiarism: This tool offers a plagiarism remover mode that rewrites in a way that eliminates all similarity issues from your work. Plus, you can instantly check plagiarism in the spun text just with a single click on “check plagiarism” under the output box. 

In light of all these impressive features in, will be hard-pressed to compete. Vs Pricing offers two premium subscription plans for a month. 

  1. All-in-one (Standard + Executive)

All-in-one premium plan costs you around $30/month and includes; 

  • Premium Paraphrasing Tool
  • Premium Plagiarism Checker
  • Premium Grammar Checker
  • Premium Essay Generator
  • Text Summarizer
  • Translator
  1. Paraphrasing tool (Standard)

Its standard paraphrasing tool costs you $20/month and includes; 

  • 10,000 Characters per Submission
  • Academic & Quill Text Mode
  • 10 Suggestions Per Sentence
  • Definition & Synonym Suggestions
  • Text Summarizer
  • Translator, on the other hand, does not have any premium plans. It rephrases your content unlimited times without costing you a single penny. 

Verdict: When it comes to features and pricing, is one of the most affordable rephrasing tools available. Vs Paraphrasing Tool Features

Here we will compare both tools for their extra paraphrasing features. 

As far as features are concerned, there is simply no comparison between these paraphrasing tools. The reason for this is that only offers one tool – a paraphrasing tool to rephrase the content. 

But still, we will see what these both tools have to offer their users. So, let’s dig into it. 

  • Synonym Changing and Definition Feature

One of the most useful features of is its synonym changing and definition feature. Just after you spin the text, double-clicking on the words shows a drop-down bar with a few synonyms and the definition. 

This can help users to expand their vocabulary. 

  • Different Paraphrasing Modes Feature

The following are brief descriptions of each of the eight modes offered by

  • Text Improver Mode. This is the default mode. It improves text fluency and tone by avoiding repetitive and redundant words. 
  • Near Human Mode. This mode rewrites the text to ensure that is human-readable and does not sound machine-generated. 
  • Plagiarism Remover Mode. This mode rephrases to avoid plagiarism issues. 
  • Creative Mode. This mode gives the content a creative touch by making significant changes to it. 
  • Free Rewriter Mode. This mode flips the text in a simple yet effective way. 
  • Academic Mode. This mode makes the academic text easier to read. Best for academic and business writing. 
  • Quill Text Mode. This mode can change the text with each paraphrasing attempt until you like the results. 
  • Sentence Rephrase Mode: This mode rewrites the text sentence by sentence offering you alternative suggestions. 

The academic, sentence rephraser and quill text modes are the only ones offered in the premium plan. All other modes are free to use for an unlimited time. 

  • Title Generator Feature 

The versatility of helps you get the most accurate and relevant titles for the entered text. No other paraphrasing tool is offering this feature at this time. 

There is no doubt that this is one of the most enchanting and satisfying features that you can get alongside paraphrased content. Vs Pros and Cons

Pros of

  • ai offers free paraphrasing which is great.
  • This tool doesn’t even require you to sign up.
  • ai is incredibly affordable when compared to its capabilities.
  • Clean user interface makes this tool super easy to use.
  • It has a lot of other writing and editing tools for users including a Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Essay and Summary Generator, and Translator.
  • On top of the above point, most of its features and tools are free to use.

Cons of

  • ai has a character restriction of 1000 on its free plan.
  • Free plan shows a lot of distracting ads.
  • Content may need some manual proofreading and editing.

Pros of

  • ai is completely free to use.
  • No login or registration is required.
  • Sleek and clear interface.

Cons of

  • No advanced paraphrasing features included.
  • Spun content may need some manual proofreading and editing.

Conclusion: Which one works best? and both are incredible rephrasing tools that help you get more done with your content.
However, offers its top-notch features, excellent rephrasing results, and reasonable pricing plans.
Now it’s your turn.
Both these tools are free to try out. Use them right away and see what works best for you.

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