The best free encryption software

The Accurate Reviews experts, following a careful analysis of features, pros and cons, and value for money, have selected the best free encryption software.


Given the numerous hacking attempts and ongoing cyber threats, more and more people and companies are relying on encryption software to protect their files, data and folders from outside intrusion. Anti-malware tools and endpoint antivirus are very useful in avoiding these attacks but they do not always succeed, which is why it is essential to encrypt all passwords and work materials. Only in this way will no one be able to access them.
Below are the best encryption programs that also offer a free version:


GoodAccess is a cloud VPN designed to help teams, working remotely, securely access enterprise systems, apps and other resources. In just 10 minutes you create a resilient private network with identity-based access control. No hardware, no maintenance costs. In just a few clicks protect remote access to any cloud system and app from anywhere, anytime. Administrators can use a control panel to access the virtual gateway, whitelist specific IP addresses, hide applications to prevent hacking or DDoS attacks, and send invitations to employees working from home or distributed locations. Other features include port forwarding, logs, events and statistics, split and custom network rules, and encrypted communications management.
Employees can also use mobile applications on Android or iOS devices to connect to private networks and access company systems from anywhere.


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Cloudflare is a cloud-based web security tool that protects public and private sector companies from hacker attacks and provides application acceleration for websites and other Internet services. The platform offers solutions for professional websites, portfolios, blogs, small and medium-sized ecommerce companies, and businesses that require enterprise-grade security and good network performance. Internet properties provided by the software route all traffic through its secure global network, enabling better customer engagement.


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HotSpot Shield VPN is a VPN application, designed to help businesses enable and access regionally or geographically blocked content. The VPN automatically encrypts users’ personal data to protect confidential information, ensure anonymity and maintain privacy on the Web. It also includes malware protection, which allows companies to automatically detect malicious sites or content. Support is extended via email and other online measures.
Browse and stream videos, games, programs, sports and movies safely anywhere in HD quality. HotSpot Shield is available on Windows, Safari, Apple, Android, Chrome and Apple TV.


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Boxcryptor is an encryption software that protects your personal and business data in the cloud, using OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. In addition to being intuitive and easy to use, it ensures the highest worldwide security standards by protecting your accounts with two-factor authentication.
Boxcryptor‘s mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, embeds all of the program’s functionalities, features fingerprint or facial recognition, and uses the camera to automatically save all of your encrypted smartphone photos to the cloud or benefit from previews of images you have already viewed.


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