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InPixio is a free photo editing software created to aid in producing professional-looking photos that can be shared on social media or sent as postcards to family and friends. It allows you to edit your images and add a wide range of impressive effects quickly and easily. Users can choose from a large number of designs and frames to change the mood of your pieces. InPixio can also transform opaque or overly bright photos into award-winning images by allowing you to adjust color, brightness, contrast and tones. You can also completely remove undesired objects from the image (signs, lines, people… whatever draws the attention away from the subject you want to capture).


This video tutorial will show us how to use this photo editing software:


  • Sharing: share photos on Facebook or send them as postcards to friends and family with InstaCards
  • Retouch: change color, brightness and more to enhance your photos
  • Trimming and cropping: change the focus and size of your shots like a pro
  • Filters and effects: add wonderful effects and transform your photos into works of art quickly and easily
  • Adding frames: enhance photos by choosing from the many frames and overlays available
  • Remove undesired objects: completely remove unwanted objects from the image
  • Cutout: Crop any detail, person, object or landscape from your photos
  • Greater sharpness: Create more professional photos by increasing or correcting the sharpness.


InPixio is a photo editing software that helps photography enthusiasts to crop objects out, create photomontages and optimize images: everything you need to retouch photos and share them on social media.

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Usability: 9.5 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

Users Reviews


  1. The product itself (InPixio PhotoClip 9) was wonderful to use. It was easy, intuitive and fun. There was a small learning curve and once it was crested, it was smooth sailing until I had a problem. Then it went downhill. Something happened to my PC and the product started requesting my product key. I had purchased it about 10 months ago and I had inadvertently cleaned out old emails which included my receipt/product code.

    When I contacted customer service to have them send me my code, I was transferred to a German-only speaking help site where I had to use Google Translate to communicate. There was a delay in cutting Andy pasting and translating . The tech person kept asking, “Are you there?” in German (which I had to cut/paste/translate) adding to the delay. Eventually she told me the only record they had of my purchase was for InPixio Photo Maximizer (never heard of it). Even then the couldn’t solve my issue. Then I got the same song & dance from the US help site even after I screen shot my folders and installation and showed them completed work I had done on my PhotoClip 9. I actually loved the product, but I cannot abide by poor customer support. So my purchase of PhotoClip 10 was shelved and I went all in on Photoshop. Live and learn, the company that cares about their customers will find a way to help. All I got from InPixio was, “Sorry, nothing we can do”. That’s how you lose business.

  2. This program was crap from day one. Lots of trouble installing it and problems every time I tried to run it. Their support is a joke, would help if someone spoke some English.

    I will say this is the first time this company scammed me, the last also. Never did send me the backup disc I requested but sent me a disc with a comic program. It never opened…

    I gave up.

  3. I couldn’d use the program it would do none of the things advertised for me without purchasing more add ons. I cancelled the software and they would not refund my purchase. They responded to my paypal complaint with half truths but still refused a refund. My strongest reccomendation is to try a different photo editing software. They continually bombard you with add on offers. You are better off purchasing Lightroom in the beginning.


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