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  • desktop

    How to keep your desktop clean and tidy

    Whether you work with your PC or you use it for other daily activities, a messy desktop full of icons can only lead to confusion. A clean and tidy environment, even if virtual, can only help you improve your productivity.

  • internet connection

    How to temporarily disable your Internet connection

    Maybe it happened to you? A situation in which you needed to temporarily disable your Internet connection, whether it’s grounding your child or preventing malware to operate on your PC. Instead of fiddling with the modem and settings that would cut off everybody, we can use many apps to act directly on one device, whether it’s a PC or an Android device.

  • photoshop

    Photoshop: 10 tricks to improve your worst photos

    Photoshop is the software for anyone who has to struggle with photo editing: it’s the incumbent in its industry and it very well can intimidate anyone who have to use it. Between an actual proficiency and use it now and then to crop an image, there are many, many shades of grey. Although it hides a a ton of awfully advanced features, it can also be used by inexperienced people like me, to make some changes to those photos that need to be improved.

  • incognito

    How to use Incognito mode with Google Chrome without losing your extensions

    All the best browsers offer a wonderful feature called “incognito mode” or “private browsing”. This mode allows you to immerse yourself on the Internet without being tracked, without any research or history saved, safe from cookies and violations of your privacy. It is an essential feature for anyone – wink wink – but sometimes you have to give it up if you need the extensions, especially on Chrome.

  • pc lento

    PC runs slow: how to find out what slows it down

    With prolonged use any PC or Mac tends to slow down: it can take a lifetime to open a web page or even more to start up. Whatever reason you have to do with your computer, either work or play, you can no longer keep it that way. What can you do to speed up your computer? The first thing to do is figure out what slows down the PC.