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  • ios space

    How to free space on iPhone and iPad

    Freeing up space on iPhones or iPads memory is something that we all must face, sooner or later, unless you choose a device with a lot of GBs. There are no apps to empty your iOS device cache or delete old files like on Android, but we can free some space on iPhones and iPads manually with some easy tricks – and a little patience.

  • riempimento automatico browser

    How to defend from phishing: disable autofill

    Modern-day browsers autofill feature is a truly useful option: it allows us to fill out forms without writing down all information needed. Autofill in Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari is actually pretty flawed: it can be tricked to provide all personal information on sites we visit.

  • Come inviare file pesanti dal PC

    How to Share Large Files from your PC: Best Software

    It has happened to everybody, right? Having to share some large files from your PC and you couldn’t do it because of some limitations. You can’t’ attached them to an email; you have to use some particular service that allows file sharing, regardless of their type or dimension. Most of them have a client app to use on your PC or Mac.

  • backup

    Turn your digital life around with these tips

    In the endless list of New Year resolution, there is also room to improve your computer habits? If not, you’d better put some effort in this field: below you’ll find the timeless tips, which applied consistently will help you get the most of your computer and your devices.