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  • Email marketing

    Email marketing campaigns: platforms and startegies

    All of us are pretty sure of what email marketing is about. But what is a squeeze page? Moreover, do all the newsletters that we sent comply with the European GDPR regulation? Do we spend enough time taking care of the mailing list? Let’s do a little review.   What is email marketing? The definition […]

  • Instagram

    Instagram: how to post pics from Mac using Google Chrome

    Have you ever had a screenshot or image on your Mac that you want to post on Instagram, but have to send them on your smartphone to publish them? Unfortunately, Instagram offers limited desktop features despite being born as a web service. On the browser, you can scroll through the photos of the accounts you […]

  • ricerca youtube

    Search on YouTube: how to find content that interests you

    YouTube is one of the success stories of internet, by far. From idea to acquisition (by Google), to the exponential growth of content made exclusively by grassroots video and then, finally, to the financial success. This, however, meant a gigantic growth of available content to site users, making it really complicated to retrieve videos seen […]

  • instagram archive

    Instagram adds the Archive feature: you can hide your posts

    Instagram was testing a new feature for about a month but has become official over the last few hours. It is now possible to archive photos and videos posted on Instagram, making them invisible to our followers. How to use the Archive feature on Instagram Go to your profile, scroll through your posts until you […]

  • apple subscriptions

    Apple subscriptions: how to stop recurrent payments

    Does it sound familiar? Sometimes a credit card charge occurs, and we don’t exactly know what it’s about. Then Apple’s email comes with payment details, and you remember that you signed up for a digital magazine that only comes out for iPad. Very nice, but you do not even find the time to just leaf […]

  • epub reader per windows 10

    ePub reader for Windows 10: the best 5

    ePub reader for Windows 10? There are several of them, and although they are not the best solution – we think an ebook should be read on a device designed for reading – they do their job and allow you to read novels, manuals, guides. Let’s not forget, however, that Microsoft has been supporting touchscreens […]

  • keylogger hp

    There might be a keylogger in your HP devices

    Modzero AG’s security experts revealed that some HP device drivers sport a keylogger, which is a malicious code that can control and save everything we type on a computer, stealing sensitive passwords and accesses. The keylogger is included in the audio drivers, and actually saves anything typed by users in the MicTray.log log file that […]