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  • Smartphone notifications: how to prevent being disturbed

    It’s a story we’ve heard many times: we’re too absorbed by our cell phones, we lack attention, we’re not in the present enough because we’re focused on our virtual life. We heard it many times, but it is a problem that can be overcome, if not resolved, starting with ourselves. And without even using one […]

  • cellular data iphone

    Cellular data: how to control your traffic

    The Internet in our pockets is something comfortable and, at times, beautiful. Over the years telephone carriers offered more and more data: in 2008, when I bought my first smartphone, I considered myself lucky to have 2GB; now it’s easy to find pricing plans with 4, 6, even 10 GB included. But if you do […]

  • newsletter template easter 2017

    Newsletter template Easter 2017: last minute tips

    «Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!» If you are as the White Rabbit, late to send your Easter newsletter, perhaps we can suggest a few tips to make up time. The most important thing is that you do quickly, but you do it well. You should already know how to write the […]

  • google chrome

    Google Chrome: how to reduce RAM usage

    Credit where it’s due: in a short period, Google has managed to get almost the majority of the desktop browser market share (and you can say that through Android has a sure majority of the mobile market share, too). It is a modern browser, efficient and fast in loading times, thou from our personal point […]

  • telegram voice calls

    How to use Telegram voice calls

    Sometimes it’s necessary to make a phone call, but without using a regular phone line (or the app for voice calls on your phone). Maybe you want to call your relatives in another state; maybe you want to save some money, maybe you try new apps for fun. In the last few years, dozens of […]