Technologies of future: how 3D verification can be used on dating sites?

There is no denying the fact that digital technologies are now developing at a fast pace, and an increasingly large number of people are now willing to rely on the internet to buy, share, and find what they require. It is quite encouraging, but it is just as important to introduce new security measures to provide online users with a safe and secure environment. 3D face verification is among the most popular technologies of the future, which can be used in a wide array of businesses and industries, including the fast-growing dating industry.

The boom of online dating industry

Online dating sites have been around for decades, but quite recently, they have become all the rage, which may be due to the pandemic, which kept people from socializing the way they have been doing it in the past. The ease of finding a dating partner without having to go out of your home is something that makes it an attractive choice for those living a dull life. While most people now approve of online dating as a way to find long-term and short-term relationship partners, the idea of sharing your details online is still quite intimidating for some. That is when 3D facial recognition or 3D face verification technologies can prove to be a game-changer for the dating industry. 

Most dating sites have already answered people’s concerns by uplifting their security protocols. They utilize SSL encryption to protect your data and go for third-party software solutions to offer some peace of mind when joining this website that also offers “Full Safe Mode” activation option to ensure premium members can surf anonymously. But, even after taking all these measures, it is hard to weed out unscrupulous users and fake profiles, which can be changed with the help of 3D verification.

3D facial recognition implementation in dating industry

3D facial verification is quickly becoming a mainstream component of most businesses. You may have already used it in many ways, from tagging your friends in Facebook posts to unlocking your mobile devices. With this technology, authentication becomes quick and simple, which is why dating sites have already started thinking of utilizing this option.

Simply put, image recognition is any technology with the ability to identify people, places, buildings, objects, business logos, and a variety of other photos. It works mainly on a special type of AI called Computer Vision. It gives dating sites the ability to analyze visual source data, such as videos and images, for quick authentication. Because of this technology, users on dating sites would be discouraged from uploading fake photos that do not go with the details they have used to create their accounts and profiles.

From increasing personal safety to reducing unnecessary human interaction to preventing crimes, facial recognition tech has a long list of benefits. Experts believe that the technology may also improve security and safety in non-retail spaces, such as banks and airports.

Besides offering security-related benefits, 3D face verification may change the way people upload their photos on dating sites. Many dating platforms now allow you to organize your photos in your cloud storage, but with the help of facial recognition, it gets a lot easier to tag photos and then organize and share them any time you like.

To sum up

3D recognition is the future of online safety, and dating sites can benefit from it in so many ways. However, there are people concerned about their privacy, which needs to be considered by businesses and industries hoping to use 3D verification to provide a better browsing experience to their members and customers. If dating sites can create a balance here, there will surely be a much safer environment to facilitate all types of dating.

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