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In this article, the Accurate Reviews experts have reviewed 5 free programs to record calls, explaining their functions and showing how they work via a tutorial.


Many companies, in order to increase their sales, rely on call recording programs as they allow them to get more information about their customers. Besides the call recording feature, these also offer other advanced tools such as voicemail, live chat, conferencing, call transfer, interactive voice response (IVR), music on hold and many more.
This list contains the best free software that will allow you to offer great assistance to your customers.


3CX is a cloud-hosted communications solution suitable for businesses of any size that want all the functionality of an advanced contact center. It offers users web conferencing, CRM integration, live chat, instant messaging and native mobile apps. An integrated multi-view switchboard allows users to manage incoming calls, display the availability of all of their colleagues, and drag and drop calls for transfer. With CRM integration, users can initiate calls with a single click from within their software and customer information is displayed as pop-ups on incoming calls. Caller ID is used to identify customers and automatically record the call in their record, without the need for manual recording. Incoming calls and messages trigger push notifications, allowing phones to be left on standby to reduce battery consumption.


Look at how easy it is to make and receive calls with this call recording program:

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ChaseData CCaaS provides capabilities to cloud-based call centers with integrated customer service and support. It is designed for outbound, inbound and mixed call center teams. Dialing capabilities include automatic, predictive, preview and progressive dialing. Automatic call distribution ensures that calls are routed correctly based on a specific set of rules related to language preference, skills and training. ChaseData developed many of its features based on customer feedback. Management-level security settings allow supervisors to track various aspects of a campaign. Digital calls will remain cataloged on the server for at least 90 days, so agents can review them later if needed, and the system administrator has access to all calls whenever they need them.


The following tutorial shows you how to make the most of this software’s call recordingfeatures:

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Avoxi is a comprehensive cloud-based contact center and voice solution that helps businesses streamline customer service processes and set up virtual numbers. With its interactive voice response (IVR) module, managers can configure the user interface and automatically forward incoming calls to specific agents. It also allows professionals to customize greeting messages and receive transcripts of recorded voice messages via email. The program allows companies to create custom accounts for employees and monitor calls in progress to evaluate customer interactions with agents. Users can track the outcome of multiple calls, record customer information in a centralized database and update request statuses via summary notes. Managers can automatically identify caller IDs of incoming calls, as well as upload and record audio instructions.


Let’s see how to set up this call recording software for the first time:

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Convirza is a business call tracking, recording and optimization program that allows you to make smarter business and marketing decisions. It allows you to automatically track calls to understand which of your marketing strategies are most effective, which channels, campaigns, ads and keywords have generated new leads.
Convirza accurately records and measures consumer conversation and behavior during calls so you can see what actions lead to sales. Only in this way you can increase the ROI on your marketing efforts by turning connection into conversion.


Below is a short video that explains how it works:

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Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly known as Freshcaller) is a cloud-based solution to help businesses improve the customer experience easily and cost-effectively. Deploy a flexible and intelligent contact center in a few intuitive steps. It doesn’t matter where your agents connect from. Powerful features like multilevel IVR, work schedules, and holiday settings help your agents manage call volumes without compromising the customer experience. You can reduce resolution times with advanced, automated routing capabilities and quickly route your customers to the right experts. Future-ready system with advanced voice robots, voice-enabled IVR, and native voice intelligence features like post-call transcription. Whether you want to review your day-to-day operations or need information to make vertical scaling decisions, it has in-depth reporting and analytics to make sure you’re always in the know.


This video walks you through the simple process of purchasing a phone number for this call recording software. Learn how to choose a preferred number from a specific country and state.

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