Best writing software to simplify your work

Whether you’re a blogger, an aspiring writer or a content marketer, writing without the aid of specialized software is extremely challenging. Elements such as SEO, online readability and formatting can differ from one CMS to another.
According to Smart Insights, it takes 65% more time to write a blog post today as opposed to 2014. On average, 19% of blog writers in 2019 spent six or more hours writing a single post, making writing software a worthwhile workflow addition.
But how do you choose the right platform in order to simplify your work? Let’s take a look at a few exemplary writing software solutions which can do just that in 2020.

Why using writing software in first place?

What are the practical benefits of using dedicated writing software? The most noteworthy reason to do so is to keep up with the competition. According to Impact BND, 78% of companies have 1-3 content writers on the team, with 75% of writers using specialized content writing software in 2019.
While rudimentary apps such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs can aid your writing process to some extent, they are not up to date with SEO standards. Likewise, cloud-based software solutions such as Grammarly, Grab My Essay or Hemingway Editor offer the latest and most comprehensive writing comprehension and formatting features. Relying on a set of professional, up-to-date writing software solutions can bring about several benefits to your writers’ workflow, including:
  • Better writing productivity and organization
  • Faster editing and formatting prior to publishing
  • Better management of writing style and tone of voice
  • Easier content outlining and planning
  • Alignment with trending SEO standards

Best writing software to simplify your work


Readability is one of the primary concerns for writing appealing content which will also rank well with global search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Thus, platforms such as Readable should find their way into your content stack regardless of whether you write personal blog posts or professional marketing content. The tool is designed with review and formatting of large volumes of writing on a daily basis, making it a great choice for full-time writers.

Readable is a cloud-based writing software solution which allows for instant analysis of readability, keyword density, spelling and other legibility elements. It allows you to detect writing clichés and often used words to ensure that your content is as unique as possible. Readable features integration with popular CMS platforms, Dropbox and Slack, among others, expanding its practical utility.


Touted as a “simple-to-use” grammar check platform, Ginger is great writing software for online content editing. Ginger’s features extend to a personal thesaurus manager, browser integration and selective plugin loading, making the platform as lightweight as you need it to be.

The platform can work in tandem with other writing platforms such as Evernote and Top Essay Writing to enhance your editing capabilities prior to publishing. Ginger is great for both casual writers and professional content creators due to its flexible feature list. It can correct and spellcheck texts as you write thanks to its user-friendly UI. If you’re looking for software which will boost your productivity and improve your writing style, look no further.


Depending on what type of writing you work on, translation might be a point you’re worried about. However, using software to simplify your work can help alleviate much of that worry. Reverso is a writing software solution with extensive translation features in addition to industry-standard grammar and syntax checks.

You can use Reverso to translate and localize your text into a variety of languages depending on your writing goals. Personal dictionary features also allow you to personalize and adapt the platform to your specific needs. Reverso has a built-in repository of common translation issues, writing and syntax issues for your convenience. If you’re looking for writing software which can also aid in translation, this is the tool for you.


While some writers are comfortable with using multiple writing platforms at once to improve their workflow, others want a more all-encompassing solution. ProWritingAid is a professional writing software platform with a plethora of writing, editing and formatting features for your comfort. The tool features extensive cross-platform integration support with software such as MS Word and Google Docs, expanding its functionality further.

Angela Baker, Head of Content Writing at Best Essay Education spoke recently: “You want to ensure that your writing pipeline is as simple as possible. Whether you write corporate blog posts or offer a research paper writing service, your writers should have an easy time managing their day-to-day workflow. I advocate for centralized writing hubs with multiple sub-features for editing and formatting rather than to rely on a stack of unrelated tools.”


Lastly, if you are looking for a desktop writing software solution instead of cloud-based platforms, WhiteSmoke is a great choice for you. What makes WhiteSmoke unique among writing platforms is the fact that its repository of spelling and syntax errors is maintained by the community. This means that even errors and omissions which pass by the automated algorithm will still be picked up and corrected.

The tool is an excellent choice for writers in niche industries with specific lingo and vocabularies. WhiteSmoke offers an extensive array of writing templates which can speed up your content writing process and make it more enjoyable in the long run. The platform is well-maintained and receives constant updates to both its desktop and cloud versions, making its use a must for writers of all calibres.

Writing tips to simplify your work

Before we wrap up, let’s discuss what methods can make your life as a writer easier. After all, the writing software you use will only be as useful as the way in which you use it. According to 99 Firms, 60% of writers outsource their services to other websites and businesses to make ends meet. Even the best software tool is still just a tool – it is you who creates real magic in writing. To that end, consider using the following tips in your writing process.

  • Always outline your writing with subheadings and bullet points before writing
  • Print out your writing and mark errors with a highlighter for revisions
  • Read your writing aloud to evaluate its legibility and flow of information
  • Use legible fonts such as Courier, Calibri or Minion – avoid serif fonts
  • Consider the publishing channel (physical paper or digital platform) during editing
  • Develop your own writing style and tone of voice – stick to it going forward
In Summary

The writing software you use will only be as effective as your work methodology – make sure that you have a system for writing content daily. Don’t expect software to do the work for you – writing is a fickle profession, and it relies on personal motivation and creativity more than anything.

Once you establish a status quo for your writing, the tools you use will drastically improve the quality of your work. Likewise, they will ensure that your work is as simple and enjoyable as possible, letting you focus on what matters the most – writing content.

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