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Are you also trying to automate the order management of your eCommerce? Then you are in the right place, read this article and find out which platform could suit all your needs.


Accurate Reviews experts have reviewed lots of inventory control software, analysing in detail their features, pros and cons in order to select the best 5 of them. They are really functional, intuitive and aim to give you an insight into 360 ° of all your orders, allowing you to follow all the steps: from placing the order to shipping and delivering it to the customer.


Multiorders is a powerful ecommerce management software designed for modern and fast-growing online businesses that want to achieve better results. Highly flexible, it integrates with Wix, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid, UPS, USPS, FedEx, myHermes and other platforms making it an all-in-one solution for any business. With Multiorders you can centralize all your stores and see your orders, inventory and sales data in one system. Merge different inventories to automatically update stock levels after each sale. This software also includes detailed reports, which help you analyze your business, while the software completes most of the tasks for you. Link all your shipping accounts to automatically generate labels when a carrier is selected. The system automatically updates the order status and tracking information.


In this guide, you will see how to add your first sales channel to this inventory control software:

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Now Commerce is a cloud-based ecommerce tool for QuickBooks. It offers fulfillment management and a portal for your online store within a suite that includes three modules that can be purchased separately or grouped together. The software is suitable for manufacturers, wholesalers and distribution companies. Now Commerce has an ecommerce portal that allows customers and sales staff to access shipping information in real time. The product also integrates with warehouse software, which allows users to monitor inventory levels and replenishment for the warehouse. Users can transmit sender information to and from their QuickBooks system. This also allows users to import shipping data directly from QuickBooks, including order quantity, shipping date, amount and tracking ID.


A quick overview showing how easy it is to send customer orders to a third party warehouse for shipping using this inventory control software:

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Square for Retail is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system designed for retail businesses, which includes tools for inventory, customer and employee management. The system allows users to monitor and manage multiple store inventories, create customer profiles, and includes a built-in clock, which allows employees to enter and exit the cash register. Inventory management tools allow users to monitor, transfer and adjust inventory across multiple stores, with automatic alerts for low inventory levels. Administrators can create purchase orders and send them to suppliers and generate cost of goods sold (COGS) and margin reports. For sales, you can scan product barcodes or search for product keywords.


This inventory control software simplifies your business so that sales, inventory, purchase orders, customer directory and reports are integrated. Let’s look at the short tutorial that follows:

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Peach Software is an inventory control application suitable for companies with one or more websites with one or fifty users. Managing large inventories, complex reordering needs and checks on customers’ special net prices is a daily task for their experienced support staff. Personalized assistance and support are their strengths. When you need support, you simply call customer service. Over 70% of support calls are solved on first contact. Users are invited to send an email to a support agent, who will reply or call you back. All calls to web services are encrypted and can be made within an SSL environment. No terminal services or VPNs are required, so the connection is fluid and flexible with minimal infrastructure expenditure.


Let’s look at how you can price goods with this order entry software:

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SalesWarp is a cloud-based multi-channel and omnichannel management solution for retailers and brands. The solution provides various features including inventory management, orders, product management, publication, warehouse administration, relations with suppliers and customers, shipments and process management. The program automates inventory updates in real time and synchronizes sales channels and fulfillment locations. SalesWarp’s order management system consolidates data to provide a single view of all orders, useful for tracking and identifying any type of order. This software manages all product information in a single system, ensuring consistency throughout the organization. It can be integrated with any ecommerce platform, marketplace, B2B sales channel, or POS system.


Watch this video for a brief overview of this inventory control software:

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