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In this article, Accurate Reviews experts have selected 5 hospital management software with integrated billing. Choose the one that’s right for you.


Managing an hospital, a clinic or any healthcare organization is not easy at all, which is why many people decide to rely on software that takes care of everything. A feature that absolutely must not be missing, however, is that of the billing of medical services: convenient, functional and really fast. Save time and paper by accessing a digital invoices repository, which can be consulted at any time.


Intelligent Medical Software is a cloud-based suite of electronic health records (EMR) solutions designed to help healthcare companies in various specialties. Doctors can use specific models to keep records of patient data and medical history, helping in the decision-making process for the treatment to be prescribed. Key features of Intelligent Medical Softwareinclude chronic care management, health maintenance, E&M coding assistance, clinical flowcharts, a care portal, complaint scrubbing, faxing, and clinical decision support. Practice management platform offers insurance eligibility verification, patient monitoring, fee collection during check-in or check-out, processing of e-remittance advice and paper/electronic patient statements, optimizing operational efficiency. The Televisit module allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals via desktop and mobile devices.


Find out how this hospital management software can help you in your work:

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MedEZ is an electronic health record (EHR) software and billing suite suitable for most medical facilities, especially behavioral health centers and substance abuse rehabilitation programs. On-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. It features single and multiple doctor scheduling screens, resource schedules, email and text notifications, a waiting list and group appointments. MedEZ also offers HIPAA compliant medical records, documentation, practice management, a patient portal and billing. Users can take clinical notes and record billing codes. Also included are document and DICOM image management tools, as well as a retrieving and archiving laboratory results module and a pharmacy module that includes drug inventory management.


Let’s look at how to create an understandable and detailed dashboard with this hospital management software:

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Waystar is an hospital management software that allows you to secure, accelerate and find new revenue with the cloud-based suite of end-to-end RCM solutions. It is mainly aimed at hospitals, health systems, medical equipment suppliers, laboratories, clinics and other organizations that need to optimize and automate all those activities that normally require much longer times.
Speed ​​up and simplify the management of commercial, government and patient payments in one place, so you can consolidate suppliers, eliminate the hassle of multiple systems and increase productivity.


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Azalea Health is a healthcare modules suite designed specifically for hospitals, community-based healthcare providers, and outpatient care facilities. Core functions include telemedicine management, revenue cycle management, case management, electronic health records, and counseling services. The software allows users to document SOAP notes, capture billing and send orders using a single screen. The HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform is fully integrated with powerful applications and enables real-time charting. The software allows users to access patient medical records from home, hospital, clinic or other locations. The patient portal, appointment reminders and mobile application provide practical access to all features and aim to improve the customer experience.


Let’s watch this short video that illustrates the main functions of this hospital management software:

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eVisit is a remote patient monitoring platform that enables medical institutions to streamline workflows and manage patient interactions via telemedicine. Professionals can view the requests of patients arriving in the virtual waiting room and accept or decline visits based on the severity of the symptoms. Healthcare professionals can use eVisit to review the appointment details, including the patient’s name, contact number, reason for request and description of the disease. Customers can view the supplier’s schedule on an availability calendar and receive automatic notifications upon confirmation of the appointment. Medical professionals can prescribe suitable medications and collect payments after the virtual visit. Users can use the mobile application to facilitate communication between doctors and patients via video calls.


Here is a video showing how simple it is to communicate with your patients using this hospital management software:

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