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The Accurate Reviews experts, in this ranking, have highlighted the 5 best email archiving software. Let’s look at the main features of these powerful programs.


Email archiving software compresses and collects messages older than a user-defined date with the goal of referencing or checking in at a later date. These solutions allow companies to keep a complete record of all email transactions without the need to consume significant space. Companies can check employee email conversations, sales interaction history and more for a complete view of a user’s or company’s conversation history. IT departments will use email archiving solutions to preserve history, enabling human resources teams, management, sales teams and more to make business decisions. Email archiving tools work well with a variety of communication platforms as a way to preserve B2B, B2C and employee interactions. Protect archived emails with encryption and other security measures and keyword search to sort email messages.


ContentCatcher is a cloud-based email security solution for enterprise users to protect organizations of all industries and sizes from cyber threats. With artificial intelligence-based features to detect and defend against phishing, spam, malware, malicious URLs, infected attachments and more. ContentCatcher is GDPR compliant with advanced encryption standards. Compatible with Microsoft Office365, Outlook and G Suite, the product offers a 10-year email archive with unlimited storage space, real-time journaling, eDiscovery, detailed logging and configurable retention policies. ContentCatcher‘s emergency mailbox enables seamless backup operations in the event of server or provider failure, while its zero-hour outbreak feature protects against new outbreaks as soon as they occur. MLX machine learning technology filters millions of e-mail attributes to identify spam and phishing characteristics in real time, with outbound and content filters also available. Predictive and dynamic analysis is applied to defense against malicious URLs and infected file attachments, while social media account protection also monitors key channels for suspicious activity associated with possible hacks.

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LeanMail is an inbox solution to manage MS Outlook. With this solution you can instantly archive and find emails using a “smart” folder in combination with meta-tagging. It is a personal assistant for your inbox, turning Outlook into a multifunctional task list. This allows customization of Outlook to take notes and add deadlines to emails right in your inbox. The program retains all non-essential mail. This automatically separates non-relevant mail from important mail using convenient solutions. It sets the benchmark for efficient and effective email management, offering tools and training that maximize the ratio of time and effort to action and tangible results. Inherently wasteful ad hoc approaches to email management are replaced with intuitively designed benchmark processes that facilitate complete command and control of email in Outlook.


Let’s look at how to archive your email messages:

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MailMeter helps organizations manage email archiving, indexing, retrieval, eDiscovery and more through a unified dashboard. Search capabilities in the platform allow organizations to analyze emails sent or received by address, domain, custom terms, data range and attachments using Boolean logic or wildcard, fuzzy and proximity search methods. The software includes an archive manager, which automatically compresses and stores attachments in a centralized database for future reference. It offers a number of features such as disaster recovery, drag-and-drop interface, search for lost attachments, tracking of past email activity, compliance management, and more. The retention management module allows administrators to implement different destruction policies for multiple email recipients and user groups. Teams can use the legal dispute blocking feature to block legal messages between selected email recipients, groups or addresses, allowing authorized users to prevent email deletion even after the retention period.


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Email Archiving di Intradyn

Intradyn‘s Email Archiving is cloud-based software designed to help securely archive emails and attachments for future reference. The platform allows organizations to capture, save, and index outgoing, incoming, and historical emails on mail servers and personal folders through a unified portal. Email archiving supports various protocols including sPOP3, IMAP4, POP3 and sIMAP4, enabling organizations to keep track of all emails sent and received in real time. It offers a range of features such as data import and export, email retention management, centralized data storage, remote backup, disaster recovery, reports and more. Administrators can also provide role-based permissions to members of all teams, authenticate users and track changes using audit trails.


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Hornetsecurity’s Aeternum is a cloud-based email archiving solution designed to help businesses that handle thousands of messages every day automatically and legally archive all of their communications, with compliance, transparency and audit capabilities, as well as tools for secure archiving, email search and retrieval, and more. The software offers legally compliant and audit-proof email archiving, as well as quick and centralized access to data. To ensure compliance, transparency and control, Aeternum archives emails for a specified period of time and keeps them available for auditors to access at any time. Users can find and restore emails in the inbox with full-text search functionality. Native iOS and Android apps give users the flexibility to access archived emails on the go, via mobile devices.


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