The best call recording programs

Accurate Reviews has reviewed and analyzed the 5 best call recording programs. A useful tool to monitor employees’ conversations both with each other and with customers.


Active calls or conference calls can be recorded and then stored as a digital file to be transcribed or listened to later on. This solution is used to train employees in case they are new hires to ensure their approach with customers, to settle disputes and in some cases to be able to defend themselves in case of complaints. Let’s look at what are the best software in this area that can suit you.


CallHippo is a cloud-based VoIP phone system available as both a web app and mobile application. The solution enables sales, marketing and support teams to make and receive global calls. The program allows companies to purchase virtual phone numbers from over 50 countries, add users on the same number and make calls to receivers around the world. CallHippo’s real-time call analytics tool provides details on calls, quality and duration, while call recording automatically records conversations during a campaign, which managers can listen to from their dashboard. Businesses can display the time zones on their dialer before making the call so there is no confusion about the current time during international calls, define the working time for the number and even set the availability status of users. The voice mail and hold music features allow companies to greet users with a recorded message or custom music during non-business hours or when they are put on hold.


Let’s see how to configure this call recording software:

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Acefone is a VoIP solution to manage customers’ missed calls, define ringing strategies for different phone numbers and monitor user IDs. Key features of the platform include call blocking, conferencing, screening and monitoring. Businesses can set up a toll-free number, add a virtual receptionist and include music on hold (MOH) functionality to engage customers through a customized phone system. Acefone allows administrators to receive alerts on incoming calls and send voice notes to capture messages. It also allows managers to configure role-based permissions among team members and gain visibility into processes through call analytics.


Here’s how to integrate this call recording software with Zoho:

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Aircall is the cloud-based phone system of choice for modern brands. With seamless integration with popular CRM and Helpdesk tools, it helps sales and support teams communicate clearly and efficiently. Administrators can instantly add numbers from over 100 countries, scale their teams seasonally, and gain insight through real-time analytics. Accessible via desktop and mobile apps, Aircall is trusted by more than 9,000 companies worldwide. Route calls automatically and efficiently based on IVR selection, agent skills, time zone and more, including an intuitive dashboard. Software features include voicemail, queuing, recording, shared call inbox, contact management, assignment, tagging and adding comments.


Let’s see how to use this program’s app to record calls:

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PhoneBurner is a call recording platform that automates repetitive workflows and helps sales reps have 3-4 times more live conversations. More talk time, less tasks and more opportunities to close deals. The software is cloud-based and the installation is free. Users can log in from anywhere and conduct dialing sessions using any phone or softphone. The included CRM allows users to intelligently filter leads by dialing sessions. Instantly delete voicemails and send personalized emails based on the call outcome. Users are alerted in real time when emails are opened, links clicked, videos watched, attachments viewed, etc… for perfectly synchronized follow-ups. Customize disposition sets, take notes, schedule follow-ups and more. Call recording, call transfer and local ID are available.


In this tutorial you will see how to verify your personal numbers as caller ID on the call recording system:

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Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio is a next-generation contact center solution built in the cloud that helps companies create the best experiences for both their customers and agents, while ensuring efficiency across all operations. The serverless infrastructure offers maximum scalability, making it the most suitable solution for remote work environments. When you need technical support, customer service is responsive and available 24/7 minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. Features such as predictive dialer, automatic call distribution, skills-based routing and interactive voice response (IVR) offer improved call management. The speech analytics feature provides automatic speech recognition and real-time voice application via a built-in speech synthesis tool.


Let’s take a look at the features of this call recording software:

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